Compliance with the basic rules for storing and processing products made from natural materials is the key to their attractiveness. High-quality care of a wig from natural hair allows you to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the wig for a long time. For further info, click here: best shampoo for weaves




    Caring for a wig using natural hair is simple, but you need to get used to the specifics of the procedure. He washes about once every few months. Although if you often use styling products, you will also have to wash the product often - as it gets dirty. For processing, neutral cosmetics are used.


    Carefully comb through tangled hair with a comb before washing. Dampen your wig with warm water. Please note that the water must not be hot! The best option is room temperature. The shampoo is applied with stroking hand movements only from top to bottom. No abrupt and especially circular movements. Thoroughly rinse the areas where the garment comes in contact with the back of the head and forehead, as this is where the most sweat is generated and therefore a lot of dirt accumulates.


    Hair is well rinsed until absolutely all shampoo is removed. Means for nourishing and moisturizing hair (conditioner, rinse or balm) are applied in smooth movements from top to bottom, then, if necessary, washed off with warm water.


    Another gentle way of washing for gentle care of the wig: dilute the shampoo in boiled water at the rate of 1 tbsp. means for 1 liter of water, then immerse the product in a soapy solution for 15-30 minutes. After removing the remnants of the shampoo, the conditioner is also diluted in clean water and false hair is immersed in this composition for another half hour.


    After that, the wig is wrapped in a towel to eliminate excess water. Under no circumstances should the wig be twisted!

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    Human hair is expensive, so don't skimp on wig care products. Buy good makeup. The shampoo must have a neutral pH. Our consultant will advise you on suitable brands.




    Dry the wig on a terry towel, and then on a stand that retains the shape of the product. It is preferable to use natural drying at room temperature. The use of a hand-held hair dryer is allowed. Remember that a hairdryer is not very friendly to natural hair, so use it as little as possible.


    It is recommended to comb the natural hair wig starting from the ends of the hair and not touching the base with the comb. Moreover, this should be done only after the product is completely dry. Use a wide-toothed comb for the procedure. It is with these tools that you can untangle even the smallest tangles without creating new ones.


    Weak fixing products are used for styling. Curling or straightening irons are also not the best way to create a beautiful hairstyle. It is better to use curlers if necessary.




    Caring for a wig from natural hair is also the proper storage of the product. If you don't plan on using it for a week or more, place the wig in the box you bought it in. Important! The product must be thoroughly dried.


    Well, if you need to store the wig for a very short time (for example, overnight or just a couple of days), it is better to use a special stand.